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This page should provide all the information you need to get started with ERP5 as developer. It will show how to download ERP5 (there is only one version, one license, following the principles of Free Software). It will provide links to documentation and forums and help to get you on track implementing your own solution or using the framework and possibly support services provided by Nexedi, the creator and maintainer of ERP5.

Getting Started

ERP5 is mostly built in Python, using the NEO transactional NoSQL database and a relational SQL database (MariaDB preferred). External services provide acceleration (kumofs) and file conversion ( cloudooo) in order to simpify installation and configuration of components. You can install ERP5 using the following methods:

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Learning Tracks

Learning tracks consist of a sequence of lessons designed for a given target audience and will help getting started with ERP5. The learning track for users, called OSOE (One Student One ERP), will demonstrate how ERP5 is used in day to day business activities.

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The ERP5 documentation is keyword searchable and also seperated into user and developer oriented sections. Both aim to empower users to work with and develop ERP5 by describing underlying principles and providing how-tos on specific topics. Active ERP5 development and source code is accessible on Gitlab. Contribution guidelines are part of the developer documentation guidelines. Before starting with the documentation, make sure to have read how to use the ERP5 interface.

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  • Tutorials - showing how to get started as ERP5 developer.
  • Products - showing an overview of ERP5 products - core libraries of ERP5.
  • Design Documents - explaining the underlying architecture and philosophy of ERP5.
  • Guidelines - describing the core principles and conventions enforced in ERP5.
  • Howtos - explaining certain functions or ways to achieve tasks in more detail.
  • FAQ - giving quick answers to questions mostly asked.
  • Testing - explaining how we test the software we produce
  • Technical Notes - published notes and snippets originating from discussions.
  • Localisation - showing how ERP5 can be used in different countries.


Nexedi will support developers who want to learn ERP5 by providing documentation and assisting with bugs and issues. Before contacting us, make sure you have searched the how to section and frequently asked questions. For bugs and issues please first check how to debug ERP5. You can get in touch with the Nexedi team through the ERP5 contact form.

We do not support or provide help to businesses looking for a free-of-charge solution expecting free service as well as integrators trying to use ERP5 without making the effort to understanding and learning ERP5 in depth.