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Guideline Never Translate Without Tools Or Advice

Verify translations.
  • Last Update:2019-07-15
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Never Translate Without Tools Or Advice

Almost nobody is able to know all the terms of an application and their appropriate translation, because working on translation implies that at least one of the two languages you are handling is not your native language. Working without tools or advice will obviously lead to inappropriate translations. To avoid this, you might need some help for your translation, for instance if you do not know how to translate a term. You can use the links listed above to look up translations in case you are in doubt on a specific translation.

This is a basic advice but not working alone is the key for achieving a good a translation. Indeed, once the basic terms have been translated, you will find out that ERP5 contains many specific terms related to those different fields: Accounting, trade, customer relationship management.

In order to make sure that your translation is correct, or if you have any doubt about a term and you do not find an answer in the Glossary, try to find an answer using the options of this list, and remember that this is better not to translate a term rather than translating at random:

Finally, if you have a real doubt about a word and can not find an answer in those tools, ask the people around you to help/advise.