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ERP5 is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.

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12-06 2018

Free Big Data for Free AI

Nexedi has introduced during Zhejiang International Smart Healthcare Innovation Conference the role of Free Big Data to regulate AI market and preserve medical knowledge sharing. Wendelin IA platform was first demoed.
05-05 2018

NayuOS's future after Google

Little by little, Google is extending ChromeOS while leaving ChromiumOS in a kind of incomplete state. What will be the future of NayuOS in this context?
22-04 2018

Improving the performance of Ansible

Since Ansible switched to v2, the deep rebuild of its architecture has led to a huge slowdown in its performance. Here we show two ways of improvement that can be easily implemented.
24-02 2018

Nexedi Demonstrates Open Source Network Management System for 5G/4G Networks at MWC 2018

Nexedi is demonstrating during Mobile World Congress 2018 a preview of a Network Management System (NMS) designed for low latency 5G and 4G networks. NMS is published under Free Software license, integrated with Amarisoft 5G / 4G stack and supports Edge Computing for AI offloading.

Latest Documents

12-06 2018

International Medical Innovation

Free Big Data for Free AI
12-06 2018

Teralab: AI Infrastructure for Research

Teralab is a SlapOS based government AI infrastructure combined with academic support
11-06 2018

Nexedi Company, Expertise and Innovation

ERP5 and Nexedi stack can be used for the most demanding enterprise applications while providing more flexibility, better technology and tighter convergence between applications.
16-04 2018

Complete Coverage ERP Implementation for Japanese Pesticide Producer

Sankei Chemical chose ERP5 because of its ability to implement the highly complex price models used in Japanese pesticide industry. Sankei runs an integrated ERP5 solution to manage pesticide production, purchase, sales, shipment and inventory. Thanks to ERP5s flexible design philosophy, the system could be fully customized to Sankeis business processes including interfaces for electronic trading data exchange with large industry organizations and key customers. The success case shows the importance of client-side project management for an ERP implementation project and why sometimes perseverance is required for a perfect requirement analysis.
08-03 2018

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